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Learn the definition of "startup traction" July 25

Learn the definition of "startup traction" July 25

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Technology startups and their associated venture capital investors are known for throwing around no small measure of jargon, but one of the buzzwords with actual merit is traction. Traction is shorthand for figured out how to make money, and there a number of local Louisville startups that have achieved traction — and they want to share what they've learned along the way.

On July 25, the Louisville Digital Association will present a panel of local startup entrepreneurs who will divulge how they achieved that elusive quality called traction, and how you can replicate their success.

The panel includes:

The panel will cover:

  • What does traction look like?
  • How did it happen?
  • What iteration are you? How far from the original idea?
  • What is next?
  • Largest problem you have now?
  • What did you wish you had known?

The panel will take place:

Wednesday July 25th
5:30 – 7:30pm
Interactive Media Lab
124 North 1st Street
Louisville, KY 40202

Admission is free but seating is limited.

Eventbrite - How Louisville Startups Achieve Traction



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