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The Louisville Digital Association (LDA) was established to further the digital future of Louisville, Ky., and the Commonwealth. With its roots as the Social Media Club of Louisville, the Louisville Digital Association has expanded the conversation to trends on mobile, desktop web, entrepreneurship and technology in addition to social media.
We continue to bring together the perspectives of engineering and development, design and user experience, sales and marketing, business and leadership from the Fortune 500 to entrepreneurs and start-ups. The diversity in these viewpoints provides valuable input to all. The Louisville Digital Association facilitates ongoing dialogue to engage and grow all involved, especially those with a connection to the area.

How do I join LDA? Are there membership dues?

Just subscribe, follow us on social @LDATalks, or show up to a meeting or event! There are no fees or membership dues required to join LDA. Thanks to our benevolent sponsors and donors, as well as efforts from volunteers, you’ll find that our admission fees are incredibly affordable.

A few ways to get started….

Regular Hangouts

Join us for a Friday beer and some quick tips on social media, life and basically anything else. Casual, no-pressure networking and education.

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Annual Summit

Our LDA Digital Crossroads is the nexus of all things digital media. Speakers, workshops, networking and more. 

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Meet the #LDA Board

Candace Jaworski


Christy Belden


Jen Bryant


Sarah Clevenger


Mike Corak


Nick Huhn


Baylee Pulliam


Leah Schultz


Christine Vaughan

Immediate Past President, Board

TJ White


What’s up?

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