Louisville, KY

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Learn How (and Why) to Use Infographics as Your Secret Marketing Weapons on Aug. 29

buy research paper Infographics — those often clever and almost always exceedingly vertical visual representations of statistics — have gotten a bad name of late. Most of the backlash has been due to the rampant overuse, misuse and baltant abuse of infographics as marketing tools. That doesn't mean you should stop using infographics in your…
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Learn the definition of "startup traction" July 25

english papers Technology startups and their associated venture capital investors are known for throwing around no small measure of jargon, but one of the buzzwords with actual merit is traction. Traction is shorthand for figured out how to make money, and there a number of local Louisville startups that have achieved traction — and they…
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Meet, greet and eat with Louisville's tech elite on June 22

The Louisville Digital Association, LVL1, GlowTouch Technologies¬†and Insider Louisville are teaming up to help you rub elbows with the top tech influencers in the Derby City on June 22. From the mayor's office to maker garages, from venture capital firms to one-man bootstrap bands, from engineers to end-users to everyone in between — you're all…
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