Louisville, KY

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Learn to Quantify Social Media ROI May 16

The most consistent question brands and businesses have about social media marketing is, “how do I show ROI?” If return on investment is an issue for you and your company, then the Louisville Digital Association's May event is a must-attend! Leading social media strategist Nichole Kelly of Full Frontal ROI will present, “No Fluff ROI,”…
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Trekkies vs. Jedi – Settle the Geek Rivalry for a Good Cause

Kirk & Spock or Luke & Han? USS Enterprise or a Star Destroyer? Klingon or Wookie? Borg or Sith? Darth Vader or Khan Noonien Singh?  Vulcan mind meld or Jedi mind trick? The time has come to choose a side: #TeamStarTrek and #TeamStarWars. The answer — or, at least, the Louisville Digital Association's  reckless attempt to reach one —…
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Help find and develop Louisville's venture capital sweet spot on March 21

The lifeblood of entrepreneurial startups is venture capital funding, but Louisville doesn't have the same veteran startup-VC matchmaking community as you'll find in Austin, Boston or Silicon Valley. The Louisville Digital Association wants to solve that problem, and we'd like you to join the fray on March 21 as an all-start panel of Louisville startup…
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