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It’s time for tech to raid Louisville’s 40 Under 40 list

It’s time for tech to raid Louisville’s 40 Under 40 list

40.Every year, Louisville’s local biz mag Business First highlights 40 local movers and shakers under the age of 40. While these lists are often intriguing, they also tend to to lack anyone with any direct connection to the tech community in and around the Derby City. (The closest that the 2011 list came was a shout-out for our pal at EnterpriseCorp, Bobby Ferreri.)

What say we change that this year?

You can nominate members of Louisville’s 40 Under 40 here. Think we’ve got some tech-heads worth putting up for notice? Their names go there. For your consideration, might we suggest:

(And, in the nature of shameless plugs, more or less the LDA’s entire board is under 40, so feel free to throw any of our names in the hat if you feel so motivated.)

Surely this is not an exhaustive list; there are many accomplished technical heavy hitters here in town. If we want to change the culture of Louisville to one that embraces technical innovation, we must first work to have Louisville embrace our present innovators. Start by nominating them to Louisville’s 40 Under 40.

Any if you’ve got a name you want the LDA to get behind, share it the comments of this post..

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