Louisville, KY

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Digital Crossroads Early Bird Tickets On Sale

Early bird tickets for the Louisville Digital Association’s annual conference — Digital Crossroads — are now on sale. Grab your seats for the premier digital marketing event in the Midwest now for $50 off the regular price, already low for a two-day event of its calibre. This year’s Digital Crossroads will be Thursday and Friday,…
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Eat, Drink and Network with LDA

Do you like food? Do you like booze? Do you like meeting awesome people who could expand your professional network? Darn right, you do. All that and more at Louisville Digital Association’s July 18 Meetup at Napa River Grill in the Westport Village shopping center. Come hang out on the patio, grab a drink from the bar, order some food…and don’t forget…
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Fark.com Founder Curtis to Preview Technology Disruption Book at June LDA Event

What’s the next disruptor in the technology space? It may not be Fark.com, but its founder, Drew Curtis, has ideas on what will. Curtis, who tried his own hand at disruption as an independent candidate for Governor of Kentucky in 2015, will share thoughts from his upcoming book Don’t Give Guns to Robots: Choosing Our…
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